Thursday, December 11, 2008

i really want to inspire, whether I actually do, well, that remains to be seen

Amazing. Pure amazing. So incredible, Im actually surprised I havent seen any girls wearing this coat. I think its highly wearable by either gender. Whats the word for that? Oh yeah, unisex! Thats what it is. I mean, Id wear it. Wouldnt you?

(jak and jill)

I seriously think that a few months ago Blogger realized that people dont want to fill in those little world verification things, if they arent really cool and actually make some bit of sense instead of, you know, dsdhfjshf, or whatever. If people want to comment, they really shouldnt be forced into filling in a little box, especially if its of the random letter and number placement variety. But, you know, the google people care so much about what I think.


More dropsnap. I cant get enough.


margault said...

yes i love the jacket too.
those verification words are truly annoying

Meg said...

I've spent so many hours going through dropsnap and saving pictures. Ridiculous.

J.Yo said...

we saved the same pics from drop snap girl. the last one especially. i love how its so nautical.

Susanna-Cole said...

That jacket is like... WOW. I have no words! haha


Lisa said...

WOW that coat is like a lit up gold christmas tree.
too amazing.

imagine all the stares.
ah fabulous.

hope all is well beauty.


Soul Tanggg said...

i've had a word verification before that said "flapshack"

alice said...

I would love love love that jacket. I don't think I'd ever take it off.

Zoƫ said...

ooo i love the upper right photo. A verry army inspired look!

keira antoia rose said...

That jacket does seem very unisex. I DO like that! Those boxes are SO ANNOYING. The girl with the red cross purse is really nice.

A La Mode said...

That military nurse outfit is gorgeous!

1234 said...

i hate those freaking code boxes sooo damn much. god. ps you can have of my snow if youd like.

TheMinx said...

word verifications are the bane of my existence. And dropsnap makes my life so much more beautiful.