Monday, December 08, 2008

for those of you who are geniuses, i commend you for recognizing an outsider ;)

So! Some of you may recall when I last talked about my trip to the bookstore. If you dont, thats too bad, it means your probably dont read what I write, only comment on my picture. Maybe some of you are reading this and dont even comment at all. This, if you can tell, makes me sad. :( See, there is a sad face to prove it. It is blue too. Oh no, now I wanna start singing this. Its that time of year anyway.

Moving on, I got three books. Audrey Hepburn by Taschen Publications. Fashion Inside Out by Daniel Vosovic and Who Wore What When by I dont know who. I got the last book because I tend to write, when writing fictional stories, about people way back when, (as in, 500 years ago) so I like to study up on what they wear. Getting on to the two more exciting books!
The Audrey Hepburn Taschen book is a gorgeous collection of pictures of her on the sets of films she worked on. An incredibly inspiring portfolio of an incredibly inspiring woman, this book is such a must for anyone out there. Ever. Think about it. Twice.
I could probably put more pictures of the Audrey Hepburn book, but you already know how fabulous she is. You dont need confirmation in pictures. Instead I shall start talking about this book of mine called Fashion Inside Out, (incredibly tack title, FYI), by Daniel Vosovic.

It is such an amazing book.

So amazing.

Just, amazing.

Freakin unbelievable.

I love it.

To death.
He divides the book up into sections, Inspiration, Point of View, Execution, Whole Look, Seel, and Power of Fashion. Each section is incredibly entertaining and knowledgeble to read. As the title proclaims, it gives you the tour of the Fashion world, inside, and out.

Each section has little interviews with people that may be involved in the chapter they are under. For instance, in The Whole Look, Heidi Klum gives us an interview. Tim Gunn does a forward, as well as an interview too, and on the whole its just freaking fantastic.
For the book he created a special collection that was designed with all this in mind, and then photographed (by one of the photographers that Daniel interviewed). This book is so fantastic I wanna scream, and if I had the money I would completely buy every single one of you a copy.

Alas, I can not.

However, may I reccomend buying a copy at either here or here? Dicscount place here.
For more information on the book check out the authers website here, or Arabelle's profile here, on it it as well.

Have a wonderful day you guys!

Secret vintage stuff and DIYs soon!


Jenny H. said...

looks like you got some fantastic books.
im going to check out and see if my local library has them.
let me know what they are like!

fashionista said...

I love Daniel Vosovic more than words can express.
He's so adorable. And charming. And beautiful. Gahhhhh.

thedrifterandthegypsy said...

omigosh!!! i have all those books. and i love them to death. they are literally sitting on a pedestal in my room (well, it's more like a bookcase, but it might as well be a pedestal). i dust them every week so that they are nice and new looking :)
i know what you're thinking: what a freak!!!
yeah, i am. i guess its my mild OCD kicking in (just kidding, although sometimes i feel like i have it...)

Nature Grafitti said...

these books look like such fantastic inspiration! Audrey really does define true style

p.s. you've been tagged! i hope you enjoy!
p.p.s i got your comment about the cameras/photos, and it sounds like a FANTASTIC idea!! I would love to! I will e-mail you tomorrow


Amelia said...

The Daniel Vosovic book looks amazing. Actually, the history one does, too. I need to read more fashion-y books.

Nice and Shiny said...

I usually don't like fashion books too much, I'm such a child like that sometimes... all I want are pretty pictures! This book sounds great though, I'll check it out next time I'm in a bookstore!
ps- The cape from a few posts back is AWSOME, I want it.

roxanne said...

dude, these books look out of control awesome. all three of them - which brings me to my next point? how is the third book? i do a bit of writing myself and have never had the good luck to come across anything nearly as beneficial..

margault said...

these book look great ! i always love buying a new huge one like those...
love !

The Clothes Horse said...

All of these look fantastic. I need to get to a bookstore and browse. I'd love to see the "inspiration" section by Vosovic.

deep_in_vogue said...

You got some fantastic books.. you can never have enough for inspiration

J.Yo said...

i will kill for THE AUDREY HEPBURN BOOK!!!!!

i guess i can buy it here too if i look closely enough. but it's imported so it'll be SO PRICY.
gosh gosh.

i want those books... here's MY sad face :( and its bold.

geri said...

eeeeeeeeeeek. all added! to my top section as well, i literally read you everyday.



Song of Style said...

i heart inspritational books!!

Gypsy Stardust said...

O' makes me want to go to the book store.

lovelovelove your blog.

DaisyChain said...

I have fashion inside out,
I was lucky enough to win it on a blog give away,
I couldn't agree more,
amazing book (despite the title)!

Bella said...

I absolutely love that you included the Audrey cat mask!
So epic.

All fantasitc book finds... and good luck with your writing.


Anonymous said...

i was two dollars away from buying the daniel vosovic book a couple days ago, its so amazing. i spent a two hours in barnes and noble gushing over it.

and yes yes, love the blog, i just never comment :(

marriahh said...

I have that book out from my library right now,
it must be great because I had it on hold all summer and just got it last week,
I haven't had a chance to really look at it yet, but I might just put off some studying so I can.

Lauren said...

Taschen do the most amazing books! I've got one on tattoos, loads on my favourite artists and an awesome one called 'Fashion Now 2'. It has like interviews and stuff with designers. IT ROCKS. haha. Good book choices!

x x x

J. said...

My bookshelf is looking pretty lonesome - I'll have to check these out!

stacy said...

sounds like I need to go bookstore shopping this weekend.

Juliet said...

I love fashion related books -and history. I own too little amount of them, though I all the time plan what will I get next. Charlotte Seeling's Fashion is amazing. Check it out.

juliet xxx