Thursday, December 25, 2008

Answers Part 1

So here is the Q&A! I asked you guys to be creative and some of you were, others were more practical, but every question was valid and fun to answer!
BTW, since Im doing two parts to this, feel free to add your question to the pile here, and comment (because Im doing a lot of talking and thats why I separated it all up)!

What is your favorite breakfast food?
I dont normally eat breakfast, just because I never have time, and I know they say that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but I dont get up that early enough to get anything in my stomach. But, sometimes, my mom makes an incredibly piece of toast with butter and cinnamon. Its delicious.

Where do you live? United States.

How did you become interested in fashion? Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe it was my need to be different than everyone around me, and so subconsciously dressed differently than my fellow peers, but I think its mostly because my aunt and mother are incredible dressers and I grew up going to stores and watching them try clothes on and its just what we did. Haha, sounds kind of... vain..? But its just what we did.

Do you like grapes? I laughed at this one. Yes I do, currently. But I went through a time when I couldnt stand them.

How old are you? 13

If you could star in any movie, which would you choose and why? I originally had a really long winded answer for this, but Im just going to say; Pride and Prejudice. Because I love their english accents, the clothes they wear, and the frivolity of it all.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Oh gosh, so hard. I actually cant choose one place, because I plan on moving all over. London, France, New York, Italy. If I had to, though, just had to, probably new york because of the insane diversity of people and cultures, and then because I love theatre.

If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be? Navy! Navy is such a beautiful color, its unbelievable.

What is the most annoying thing ever? Hmm. I dont really know. But, maybe, a person who says something, and then if people dont get it, or dont like what they said, the person who said it takes it back immediately and acts like they were joking, or says sorry. Im not saying if someone swears at you it should be okay, but if you said you didnt like most of Betsey Johnson's pieces, and everyone else in the blogosphere said that Johnson was bomb, and then you would take it back, and say you were joking, yea, that? I dont really appreciate. Its not really annoying, but I dont respect the person as much because I think they are too reliant on being liked by everyone and wanting to fit in and be like everyone else. Be yourself! Ah, thats whats annoying, people that are afraid to be themselves. Im not saying that Im completely my own person, there is still, you know, some part of me, that refrains from wearing my Vivienne Tam flapper dress to school everyday, because, a little too strange and un practical, but I think that a person that completely jumps away from who they truly are, not showing their colors, is a sad, sad thing. I dont know if I wrote that in a way you understand. Tell me.

Do you like cheesecake? What kind? LOVE Cheesecake. Plain ole Cheesecake is my favorite, my mother cooks a hell of a plain Cheesecake.

Pants (drop crotch, jeans, etc.), skirts, or tights/leggings? Pants! Gotta love them, so many different kinds, high waist, trousers, wide legs, skinny, bootcut. So many choices!

What does your teachers and friends say about your outfits? My peers have gotten used to my outfits, but when I just started "thinking outside of the box" I got a lot of mean reactions. I think the teachers like what I wear actually, because they lived through it...? You would think they would be sick of all the vintage stuff I wear cause it could have been worn during their drug days...But they dont. Hehe.

What is your favorite thrift store? Goodwill, mostly because its close to me, but now their prices are somewhat more expensive, which is ridiculous for a second hand store. But I also love, its either, Volunteers of America, or Salvation Army. I dont know which one, but one of them I bought 3 vintage jackets, one you can see here, and two I have yet to debut. It was a really awesome score. (Also, stay tuned for my guide on how to shop in a thrift store, or something like that. Its something a reader suggested, and that sounds really cool.)

Why did you start this blog? I got really interested in and then and then I wanted somewhere to voice my opinions on all of that, collections, photos, models, etc. So naturally this came up. Also, I was really inspired by The Clothes Horse and Karlas Closet and Style Bubble. Those were the first blogs I read religiously.

Which clothes are essential for a wardrobe (basics)? 1. Black tights (finally got a hold of a pair) both opaque and solid. 2. White tshirts. 3. Black blazer.

Why are we not allowed to see your eyes? This question I was asked a couple of times. And a few of them people said that it was okay I didnt answer it, like it was a big deal...? I dont really know. Its not like Im hiding a third eye or a horendous unibrow, (both of which, I have neither, btw) Its strictly for privacy reasons. You dont really need to see what I look like in order to see my style.

Do you have a good relationship with your family? This one made me laugh. I think I have a good relationship with my family. They all know about my blog (ALL of them) and they are really suportive. Its incredibly cool. Families are like that. Cool, I mean.

Girl, how you get to be so fierce? Nature or nurture!? NURTURE, BABY! PURE UNADULTERATED LOVE. :P

Do you have a job? Nope.

What was your favorite clothing item when you were little? I think Im still "little" but I had a couple of pairs of jelly flats I loved. They were pink and sparkly.

Why are you interested in fashion? Its a way to express yourself, and be personalized. Show who you are. Its really fun.

You had five blogs before this one, right? So what makes you keep wanting to blog on the Stylish Wanderer specifically? Just mainly because I know, if I ended this one, Id probably come back again, so why end something that will just come back?

If one of you limbs could glow in the dark, which one would you pick? My right arm! Heck ya!

What is your favourite perfume and why? For christmas I just got Madame by Jean Paul Gaultier. Its fantastic. I think my cousin wants to steal it from me. Its really fresh and lovely, and I really like the bottle.

What is you're opinion on sturgeon(they are large fish that usually swim in lakes)?
This is my favorite question. I really hate eating fish, but maybe as a pet they are cool? Haha, no. I have cats. The sturgeon would die. Or my family would eat it. Or both. I guess I like sturgeon, just not as food or as a pet.

How tall are you? 5 feet 6 inches.

What is your greatest dream/aspiration? This is a lovely question, but really, I have so many. Publishing a book, performing in a concert, going to fashion week in Paris, stealing Dani Stahl's job away from her. Photograph people for a living. Im too young to decide!


Lauren said...

Oh I got Madame too for Christmas! I'd drueled over it for ages. So good!

x x x

Ana said...

I thought you were older than 13. Defenitely agree with the taking back things. YOU SHOULD WEAR YOUR VIVIENNE TAM FLAPPER DRESS! I vant to see it.

DaisyChain said...

I LOVE your answers,
and dude,
your 13? Insane, you come across as much older/more mature.

keira antoia rose said...

My question was the movie question, and I'm so thrilled you answered "Pride and Prejudice" because that is by far my first choice as well. I am in love with every aspect of that movie.

I can't believe you're thirteen!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

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♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks =)

I'm the same with breakfast- usually just some hot choc. drink or coffee.. i'm never hungry when I wake up.. I prefer lunch & dinner.


ryann said...

for only 13, you strike me as very mature. and very stylish :)

Demi said...

thank you for your lovely comment! <3
and NO WAY are you 13! haha, I can't believe it! you dress and sound increibly for your age!
when I was 13 (which isn't so long ago, and I sound like i'm like an old woman or something here haha...) I was still in my tracksuit years and was going out head-to-toe in nike!!


1234 said...

youre only 13??!?!?! ive always thought you were older. and ya i get what you mean about the people not being who they really are thing.

Ike said...

you have got to be the coolest/tallest thirteen year old I have ever encountered. No joke. I still can't believe that you're so young!
and you write a lot better than most of the people I know :)

Mila said...

Great to read darling! <3
I was very surprised you are just 13! I thought you were like 20 or something...haha.


Amelia said...

I like the pictures from dropsnap.

I definitely wouldn't have believed you were 13 either, if I hadn't already seen your weardrobe interview. You have a really mature sense of style.

I totally agree about navy. It's the best color and it's so underrated.

thedrifterandthegypsy said...

ok now i know im about to make the same old comment every other person has said in this post, but OMFG YOU ARE ONLY 13 GIRLLLL?!?!??!?!?! you are so freakin mature for your age. i admire your mature-ness. wow. im still in awe. i admire your maturity so much even though i already said that i wanted to repeat it for emphasis. i wish i was that mature and had that sense of style when i was your jealous xD
also, i have another question, which i don't know if its too late to ask, but i'll ask anyway...when did you start wearing your outfits? what state do you live in? i predict you are going to become something big when you grow up...

thedrifterandthegypsy said...

also, i totally agree with you on that annoying thing. i used to do that back in the days of insecurities, but one day i was like what prevents me from stating my opinions and not having to agree with the mainstream things. now, i am very strongly opinionated, but also stubborn :)

Nature Grafitti said...

this has been so interesting to read
nice to get to know you :)
happy holidays! my gift to you:

WendyB said...

You are a very mature 13-year-old! Good answers.

J.Yo said...

thanks for answering!! i promise i'll be more creative next time!


i tot you were 15 or somthing,girl. LOL

meliindaa. said...

13 years old and 5'6" girlll. i'm jealous. haha i think its funny how everyone is always so surprised to hear a thirteen year old sound so 'mature'. but i think its cool :]

THE BAT said...

great Q and A. i want to do one! i want to do one!

The Clothes Horse said...

Awesome answers. So wish you weren't SO much taller than me. :(

xladyxleahx said...

amazing blog
hope you had a fabulous christmas


My Fashion Frenzy said...

nice blog ;)

stylemagnet said...

These answers are why I LUV your blog.

Nice and Shiny said...

Woah, are you serious about being 13? I just assumed you were about 17, maybe 18 even.
Sorry, I don't want to patronize you or anything. I was just ver surprised to find out you're so young, you seem so much more mature and well spoken!
Your answer to most annoying thing: so true. Couldn't agree with you more. I hate it when people say "sorry" for everything. Like, don't apoligize for being yourself or having an opinion. I hate it when my friends just label me off as "mean" because I don't bloody apoligize for giving my 2 cents. I don't care, I'll say what I want!
Luvs ya!

Sunset said...

Holy fuck are you really 13? I thought you were 17, at least! Man I wish I was that stylish at 13. And tall. You're freaking tall.

So jealous. Loved the post, btw.

Isabel said...

Cool, thanks for all the answers! I too would love Dani Stahl's job.

Anonymous said...

you are NOT 13!!!! tell us if this is true or not or if you're just hiding your real age to be safe.. but 13??!!! wow, you are so much more mature than even me and im almost 18. im inspired!

btw. you are definately one of the most stylish bloggers out there!


Amanda said...

there is no way you're thirteen...i thought you were eighteen. (no joke)


you're very very stylish for your age!

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