Friday, November 07, 2008

Photo Shoot with my Ring

How come no one wants to take my picture, but my ring gets so lucky to be shaped like a bow and be owned by me, photographer extraordinaire? (cough cough) Marc by Marc Jacobs ring.
But seriously. I just realized that Mr. Clean you know, the Cleaning supply logo man, is gay. Or is presumably gay. I mean, he wants to clean all the time, for it to be clean all the time, he seems super-naturally strong muscled and he wears an earring! Is there some under-lying tone that wants to target homosexual men? Someone should ask Craig Ferguson this. I am perplexed.
Even though I know that not every bald, MAJOR cleaner with an earring, is gay, one does wonder. Dont kill me if you think Im wrong.


Sugar Pop said...

ah! cutest ring I've seen....ever.

As for the Mr. Clean conspiracy? You have too much time on your hands, girly :) (although I agree)

MR style said...

your pictures are so fab !!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Yes, I edited my blog layout. Just 2 days ago or so.. :)

♥/ fashion chalet

aimée said...

that ring is a quirk, and hahaha, i actually meant the bible, really long pages, never ending lol =)

unless there is another bible i don't know about... hmmmm

Chessie said...

My gaydar is sounding! Either Mr. Clean is stuck in a closet, or he's stuck in the 90s(see: earring). Hmmm, we have a mystery on our hands! Of course the easiest way to solve this one is to see how he responds that gorgeous ring... and then maybe I can have a try!

Nisey♥Smooches said...

i love those pics
and to be honest mr. clean scares me a bit
he is so big and he has that earing he kinda gives me the creeps :)

Nice and Shiny said...

HA! I remember learning something about MrClean in marketing a few years back but I can't remember what they were trying to convey with a spokesperson like that.
I remember hearing that he scared all the housewives in the 50's, LOL! Ahh to be a product of the 1950, things were so different back then

J.Yo said...

i love BOWS!

bow + ring = me drooling!

and i love the way you took your photo!

J. said...

Your ring is adorable! I have a similar one that my mom's friend from waaay back when (ok, so, like the '90s-ish) made, but it's too big - even for my thumb... Anyway, back to the topic: I am loving your ring :)

As for Mr. Clean... I'm on the same train. I remember one commercial, he was just chillin' in some lady's kitchen like "woo it's gonna be so badass clean in here!"

TINE said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You've got an amazing one as well. I will link you as I speak.

And yes, I'm on chictopia. Are you? Let's be friends! Hope to hear from you soon.

AusAnna said...

hahahaha i laughed out loud and my family ave me strange looks about the cleaning man.
gosh your blog is amazing. would be honored to exchange links

muchlove said...

That ring is super cute!

Andy said...

Cute photo shoot for a cute ring.
new post on my blog.

Andy said...

Cute photo shoot for a cute ring.
new post on my blog.

Soul Tanggg said...

he MUST be gay! lol

Soul Tanggg said...

he MUST be gay! lol

Sheshestyle said...

So how cool is this blog. Smart - Mr. Clean, what a revelation.
history fashion rocks. more please