Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Philadelphia Convention

(the above picture is so gorgeous. it was striking to flip the page and find in a book. look at awesome ben franklin just lounging, king like, in his chair in the front)
I have been so inspired lately, with pictures from the US signing of the Constitution. I was flipping through a world encyclopedia the other day and i was just struck by the glory of the picture (above) and the textures, and lighting and people.

(this is my second favorite photo. the colors are just deeeevine and the details are superb.)
They were also regal and purposeful, in their buckled shoes and white tights. I wanna know what happened that changed everything. Why did men drop the high collars and frilly ruffles? Whats wrong with candle light? I love the ethereal glow you get from a candle, as opposed to the harsh fake lighting that has glittered our homes and built our cities.
(this picture is also very cool, its darker and i love the point of view. look at old george washington just inspecting the fine print. gotta love the first president)
Whats sad is half of me wishes it was like it was in the 1700s and 1800s but half of me just loves it now. Times were tough back then, even if you were a strong political figure. Food was not easy to get for some people, and houses were cold. Thing is, people cherished things more back then. A simple silver ring was the world to people. A cloth doll was something to take care of and love. Now, most people are obsessed with gaining more and dont take time to think about what they have, (myself included.)
(im a little confused at what this one depicts, but it was just so loud and gorgeous i had to include it.)
I see some of these bloggers who just have, you know Chloe wedges, and Marni heels, and I dont think they really understand, or even give a damn that people arent as lucky as them. Though "lucky" is a more flexible world (an executive in New York may think Yachts are better then the latest Marc Jacobs Stam bag, too bad for them). Its a strange world we live in.(this one feels a little more modern to me, but it actually is more true to the actual room they signed the constitution in.)
This post really isnt going anywhere. I just wanted to say I love these paintings, they've struck something deep within me that makes me want to sing. Or dance. Or both. The first picture is currently my laptop's background. How do you like me now?


Nita-Karoliina said...

i like these!!! i am arty person

J.Yo said...

i LOVE the fourth painting, the colour, its complexity.

i especially LOVE this kind of paintings!

The Clothes Horse said...

Those are lovely. Candlelight is nice, but it does take a lot to get good light and hurts the eyes...I still wouldn't mind going back.
I hope to one day afford expensive designer shoes like that...I know I'll still appreciate them. :)
P.S. My sunnies are totally fake. I got them for 5 Euros from a street vendor, I just liked the shape and color. The fake Rayban label actually annoys me...

fashionista said...

I never realized how amazing these could be..I love the fourth.

Fantastic post.

yiqin; said...

Wow, what a great inspiration!

S of Modern-Guilt said...

Beautiful inspiration, and I definitely feel 100% of what you've written here. There is a general lack of appreciation for things that there never used to be, and it can make me kind of sad because I know that I have it, too. Tis better to analyze one's actions than to just act though I suppose.

Bella said...

Without dissuading the significance behind the images... but my god they had great fashion! lol

Amelia said...

Nice. I love the textures, too. It's cool to find inspiration in random pictures like this.

Susanna-Cole said...

I love the first picture, really beautiful done, and I think it's great that you've taken inspiration from something more unique than well you know, Kate Moss or Mary-Kate Olsen. Not that there's anything wrong with them, but I think we'd all be a little more orginial and expressive if we saught (sp) inspiration from more unique and personal sources, such as you have here! :)


celeste said...

my school just performed 1776 ( a musical about the signing of the declaration of independence) and good lord you should have seen the costumes. they were MAGNIFICENT and so accurate and beautiful and just.. wow. i wish i had pictures to share. but this post reminded me of how beautiful they were.

Fashion Fille said...

wooooooot for philly!

these are so rich and full of character. well done post!

Meg said...

This is probably my favorite fashion blog post, in any blog, ever. Not only am I an avid lover of the Founding Fathers and the Constitutional Convention, but I understand what you mean about wondering where the men's fashion went, and the simplicity of life. It's so frustrating that to stand out in the fashion world you need to have money. Many would say otherwise, but I find that it's true to a very wide extent. Anyway, thanks for this post, it has really inspired me.

Anonymous said...

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