Monday, November 03, 2008

I Had To End it With My Own Rhyme


I have to write fast, but who the heck is excited for the world to change tomorrow? Whether its good or bad change I dont know. Lets hope. Hint hint. Change. Hope. Obama.
WHAT? I didnt say anything.

Okay. So, didnt edit these pictures today (besides for the bar, but I have to cover me-self!), I dont think Im going to edit them from now on. I like the raw-ness of it, yes? No? Maybe so? Oh I have no idea.

You all have a fabulous evening/morning/lunch/whenever youre reading this possibly in a few years?

jacket- vintage
tights- ?
shirt- vintage
shoes- converse
shorts- chip and pepper


J. said...

You look lovely - I see what you mean about the rawness. The leaves are a great backdrop. :)

Isabel said...

Ahhh, I love that jacket you're wearing. It makes me want to eat a fancy three-course meal, because its a 'dinner' jacket, right?

aimée said...

it's going to be amazing. obama is going to change the world.

Lisa said...

you look stunning love.
especially against the fall foilage!

i agree with the rawness!
loves it.
no need to edit.

hope you're well girl!


if i could vote Obama would be all over my ballot!!!!!!!

hearts-justine said...

i really like these pictures actually, i was going to comment before i even got to the bit where you mentioned they were unedited. go girl!

Amelia said...

Great outfit--I love the blazer. The first picture is so pretty with the blanket of fall leaves on the ground.

Hot Bot said...

I like the pics :)
And your outfit. And I can't wait for the results tomorrow. I'm definitely voting.

J.Yo said...

blazer, shorts, and tights. why can i never pull them off?

oh and the pictures are just great even without editing!

Tavi said...

The pictures are lovely even without editing! They look more fall-like, though the misty effect you have on your other photos is awesome too.

Um duh friends again. Can we have 4 other friends, too? And meet daily at a coffeehouse? And live in New York? And can I be Phoebe?

High five on late night posting.
And that first picture is so pretty, your outfit looks really nice against the trail of leaves.
OH and naw I didn't script the video, pretty much why it's so rambly.

Tavi said...

OH x2 I can't wait for the election! I'll be staying up late tonight...and god it makes me happy you're for Obama.

Mila said...

Such a cute and nice outfit!

Grace said...

Those yellow leaves are beautiful. I want to scoop them up and make them into a bed.

roxanne said...

lovely pics, no edits needed!

fingers crossed for change!

Bella said...

Stunning.. and the autumn backdrop is just incredible!

this wheel's on fire said...

gorgeous photos! (yes we can! <3)

May Kasahara said...


♥ you

Sugar Pop said...

You rock my world with those tights.

Congrats on the Obama win...I'm Canadian, and I'm pretty psyched with the choice.

Deliver us very much so reminds me of The Prince of Egypt (my favourite movie of all time) :)

Suzanne said...

Wow, I love this. especially the converse
lol :)

clairegrenade said...

navy & black= a whole lotta YES!

love the blog, love the outfits :]