Friday, November 28, 2008

Denim Details and Marc Jacobs

EDIT: So, yeah, stupid photobucket made everything nuts with my pictures and what not. Bear with me, the older posts and photos will be back on the 7th. However, because Im super duper sneaky like that, I have another account, and posts will resume as normal, but if youre looking to go back into the archives id hold off for about 9 days. Sounds like a long time? Yeah I know, but Im not gonna give the photobucket people my money for being lame. For now, I will have only 2 posts on the main page, just cause I think the "BANDWITH EXCEEDED" banner is kinda glaring and just annoying. Thanks for understanding.
These capris have a lovely little detail on the back of them. They have 3 buttons on the bottom of the pant and I just love them. Gosh. I have nothing to say. Oh, well yes, I do. I hope the people in Mumbai, India dont suffer any more and things get better. It is just awful whats going on.
In other news, I got a really epic tripod that apparently was just downstairs without me knowing it and I couldve had better pictures this whole blog time. Psh.

denim- chip and pepper
striped shirt- moms
navy shirt- moms
shoes-marc by marc jacobs



fashionista said...

Urghhhh I need a tripod. My photos suck.

But in lighter news, I am kind of in love with your shoes.

Malena said...

Your outfit looks very sailor to me, great! And, um, whats that in the first pic? the gingerbread man? haha

J. said...

You look adorable. The capris are really cute, I love the details. And your shoes are fantastic! I saw a similar-ish pair in J. Crew, but the heels are on the high side and I'm like walking mass destruction, so... ;)

Would you believe my dad HID our tripod? Yep. I've been on the hunt, but I don't know where he could've put it.

Lydia said...

Just when I started to think that capris might be passe, you reminded me why I loved them in the first place.

french:ska said...

Thanks for linking me:)

Your comment was a pleasant surprise because I wasnt anticipating ANYONE to look at my blog.

your pictures are sososo nice.
its sucks baws how photobucket did that bandwith exceeded to you.

greatstlye-youinspiredme a weebly bit >_'

Sunset said...

LOVE this outfit. You really brought together all of the clothing with the pick of shoes. Loooove.

margault said...

so cute !
and i love your photos, the colours and everything

Annie said...

Ooh, the necklaces really make it, and your boyfriend is hot! lol..

wan noor atiqah said...

can we share boyfriend? :D

Jenny H. said...

i loveee the shoes.
and i also hateee how photobucket do that.
its so annoying!

Miss Woo said...

Those Marc by Marc booties are soooo cute!

Bella said...

hahah, the boyfriend that knows all the best angles.
Great images, great shoes...very chic!

The Clothes Horse said...

You look rather french chic to me in this. I love the whole outfit and the detail on those capris is lovely. Plus, the shoes always fill me with envy.

Brigadeiro said...

LOVE this outfit, the denim, the buttons on them, the shoes! Cool boyfriend too ;)

zuz said...

the last outfit with the stripes is so beutiful!!

May Kasahara said...

yes STRIPES!!!!

winnnnnn ♥

thefashionmaven said...

love this entire look - awesome.

Jack Daniel said...

Not uh. That's a picture of my future wife!

Give her to me, please. I'm begging you.

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