Monday, November 17, 2008

Basically, My Life in Pictures of the Last Couple-A Days

I received this dress a year ago at christmas time and I had yet to really wear it. I stumbled upon it in my closet and tried to make something useful out of it. Yet it did not come out as awesome as this.
I peered down on this day and thought, why, what a pretty picture. Lets snap it shall we?
Same day, different kind of taking pictures. I had always seen this kind of snap happy in the mirror, yet never tried it. I think I will stick with my regular way.
Doesnt it look yummy? Ill tell you. It was.
Same outfit as above, except my new favorite place to take pictures. Expect more of the same locale soon.
The African map Ive been studying. Shout out to Lisa!
I find myself seeing the little (and large) changes in the surrounding areas. Perhaps the weather? But mostly the lovely foliage. I see summer turn to fall and now to winter. Oh the holidays are coming!

This was just a quick little post with some photography and what not. Its been an incredibly hectic week but let me say, some EPIC DIY's are coming soon!
Can I say thank you to Nature Graffiti and Susannah-Cole for the awards you gals gave me? Thank you so much!


Nay'Chelle said...

I like the dress!The last picture is really nice. I love the flowers.

Brigadeiro said...

Love your pictures! The ice-cream bowl made me salivate...and the 'peering down' & last pic are just gorgeous!

Brigadeiro said...

Love your pictures! The ice-cream bowl made me salivate...and the 'peering down' & last pic are just gorgeous!

Lisa said...


ah. you're too sweet.

yay for africa.
are you studying it for school?
i promise you not many people know where south africa is. crazytown.
thanks for putting me "on the map" !

love the mood of these shots.
always so majestic.

thanks again.


detailsofthefabric said...

you take beautiful photos! there's a certain quality about it that's so lovely. that dress is so nice; which store is it from, do you know?

J.Yo said...

i love the chicness on you when u wear the dress! lovely!

i want ice cream tooo~~~

this wheel's on fire said...

i'm crazy about all of this :)

Lydia said...

The picture with your leather bag and the leaves has such gorgeous focus on the leaves. Hasn't this fall been gorgeous?

I've been seeing that AA dress everywhere in the blogging world lately, making me wish I had $50+ to spend on it!

Cakemaster said...

LOL@ the blog name change. I should probably change it, because my current one sucks. Have fun at the dance!

FashionSongbird said...

This is my first time at your blog, and I really like it alot! Burst of style and creativity :)

DaisyChain said...

Beautiful photos, you look amazing.

♥ fashion chalet said...

great skirt; love those photos! :)


Tina :) said...

Mmm that dessert looks delicious!
And I love your top in the picture above it.

Sorry everything is hectic; I hope everything clears up soon!


J. said...

the pictures are really beautiful - i think you've captured the season really well :)

can't wait for the DIYs!!!

Alice Point said...

Very nice pictures! You live around the beautiful areas!:)

Ashleigh said...

Love the last pic..I miss the flowers already

V said...

great photos, i love your blog.

wanna link>?

deryik said...

hey there, nice blog u have! and the color of the skirt is really berry-ish.

one thing about the map, i guess it says zaire there, zaire is now 2 countries; Democratic Republic of Conga (DRC) and Congo. not that im the smart ass, ive had my share of studying african map recently, thats all :)

deryik said...

oh well that's democratic republic of congo, not conga, of course :)

Anonymous said...

looks like someone is jeallous of sea of shoes. haha i still like your outfit too