Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wombat, I Get The Head, You Get the Rest

So today was pretty un-eventful.. like yesterday. Except, Tavi and I are in a disagreement about what blogging is for and who you blog for.

So riddle me this: Who do you blog for? You? Readers? Your pet chicken? Think about it. Twice.
I mainly blog for myself, to get all my ideas out there, and then for people to read them and to agree or disagree, the same goes for my outfits. I dont live in a very stylish city, so most of my outfits are lost on my town folks, thats why I post them for many people to see. Also Im incredibly inspired by you bloggers, and what you wear, so Im also here for the community. Truth is, im entirely shallow (from Tavi's perspective I guess), and actually, if nobody read my blog or commented I probably wouldnt be here writing these words right now. But good thing you do. I just want you to know, I love all of you for it.

Lovely Sussanah-Cole (who is probably the nicest person out there, like, evah) wrote a post about this recently. Check it out.

My converse Im wearing are these new super sleek versions of the regular old converse. I especially love the geekchic feel of them. I got them in this cream color, and a black one.

For those of you wondering. I use a Casio Exilim camera for my photos.

blue shirt- vintage
gray shirt- h&m
jeans- gap
bag- mbymj
socks (haha)- nike

songs (of note) listened to while writing this: Bad Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce and The Long and Winding Road [Which I can play on the piano thank you very much] by The Beatles


Arabelle said...

tavi and i are both on the same page when it comes to blogging and the reasons for it. (and i'm not saying this to defend her or anything, i actually started bitching and moaning about blog reasons before her)

i wouldn't get too defensive about it if i were you unless i had a guilty conscience for some reason, but i don't think you do or should, really. i think we're all got to be honest about what we're doing this for, and the real answers aren't as deep and philosophical as we might make it out to be. it can start off about us, then to make others happy, but mostly it is about us being narcissistic and having people compliment us about how awesome we are.

and then it gets boring to be complimented all the time by strangers, or you reach that certain nunmber, and you have to stop yourself from caring because it WILL become all you think about, and you will CHANGE in order to make that number bigger.

truth be told, i think you started and started and changed the way you wrote in an effort to please your readers, and if i remember correctly, you said so. that's your way of writing a blog, and i'm going to respect that but I think you're compromising yourself (how lame is that to say? i sound like dr. phil) for some reason.

i personally have reached a point where comments, while lovely, aren't nearly as important to me anymore. it's too much of an obligation, too little of a reason to post. it's a number. and that is hardly a reason to take time out of my life to please strangers.

in short: be yourself and people will like you. if they don't.... why are you changing for them?

anyway, this isn't meant to be a personal attack on you so please don't take it as such. i'm just answering your question.

May Kasahara said...

I'm loving that necklace ♥

Lisa said...

you're so sweet.
thanks girl.

love the converse.
a lot. the cut is perfect.


blogging is whatever you want it to be----

for yourself. for others. for inspiration. i don't think it fits in a box. Everyone is different so everyone blogs in their own special way. As long as you're happy + living passionately...then keep on doing what you love... the rest will follow.

Nay'Chelle said...

Nice bag.

I think you should blog for yourself. Sure comments are nice and all, but if that's all you're doing it for than you'll never be satisfied and that's probably a bit of insecurity.

TRISH said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. ;) Would you like to link up? I love your blog and I would like to follow it! :)

Miss Karen said...

I love the colour scheme here and your bag is realllllly nice :D

I started blogging because I was bored at work, I continue to blog because I like the community aspect of it - I can't see you in person so I like seeing pictures of your outfit and little anecdotes about your day. I also write about anything that pops in my head - a piece of 60s info that some people might not know about. So I'd say I blog for everybody really!

Mila said...

Hey dear!

First of the outfit, especially the big blue shirt... <3

About blogging; i blog for myself and for my readers also.
Mainly because i just love the beautiful things i come across on the www, and it truly makes me happy to see all this creativity and inspiring things. It truly helps me a bit through the rough times i go through at the moment.
Second, i want to share the things i find and think are beautiful. I love to share beauty with others.

Bye love, have a great day!


morena said...

Great outfit

saray said...

I've given you an award on my blog =)

Bella said...

Great outfit... the shots are adorable!

Tavi said...

I'm glad we're on the same page in that I'm not trying to point fingers or make this some lame The Hills "OHNOYOUDIDNTTT" fight or argument, just a discussion. If getting compliments from people you don't know makes you happy, well goshdarnit own that and don't change your opinion or deny it if it is true. I'd be lying if I said I never wanted comments, in the beginning it's all I wanted, and that's pretty foolish of me. You can't please everyone, no one can, so might as well do your own thing and while some people won't like it, people more similar to you will. Like you, I post because I have tons of ideas and outfits and thoughts I want to get down, and I am scoffed at for my outfits in my small town (rhyme not intended,) but I think being sure of yourself and just being yourself altogether is the best way to put up with that. You like your outfit, what does it matter if people on the street or the internet don't?

It's lovely getting comments, and knowing someone values your outfits and photography and opinion is a great feeling, but if it means changing your style, your writing, making new blogs, changing who you are to meet the standards of a bunch of people you don't know-it's not worth it. If you get really obsessed with getting comments, you'll set super high expectations for yourself, and you'll never be happy with the comments you do have, even if it's a lot. I'm trying my best not to sound like some type of alcoholic anonymous club member, but I've been there, and it's not fulfilling.

What got me a little angry was that your first comment implied you didn't like Urban Audrey because she didn't return your comment on any of your blogs. Commenting isn't a favor, it's not a responsibility, it's not a blogging rule, written or unwritten, and it's not a reason to dislike someone else's blog. I don't comment someone's blog because they commented mine, or because they asked me to, I comment when I want to share my thoughts. It's so easy to just browse through a post quickly and say "I love your shoes!" but if everyone is complimenting each other because they feel like it's an obligation-comments become meaningless. Like you said, the fashion blogging community is amazing and I'm so glad to be a part of it, I don't want it to turn into something false.

As for unlinkage, it definitely wasn't because of your joke, which I totally got and I understand your sense of humor. Don't take it personally or seriously. But if you're concerned enough to ask me about it twice, it does leave me with the impression that you do care that much about blog popularity, and maybe I'm wrong about that, but yes, it does come off as shallow. I'm not holding it against you, it's a silly thing to get upset over and get hung up on.

jkgrw9234jf rant rant rant, and for that I apologize...I hope we're clear on each others views now...

Tavi said...

holy shite that's huge D:

alice said...

over sized shirt and mention of pet chickens (L)

I mainly blog for myself, it gives me something to do other than spend hours watchin QI clips on youtube and coplaining about being bored. However I'd be lying if I said I didn't care if I had readers or not. It's not the top of my priority list but it's nice to get comments.

Capuccino B. said...

that shirts fits you perfectly! :D
would you like to exchange links?

Lydia said...

I heart you.

The photos are always sweet...
And you're too cool.


Lara said...

geeeeeezzzz.....i dont really know what all this is about, but i have read a couple of your posts, and i really like blog!!!
where did you get those shoes, btw?? i've been looking for ages.

Wana Sambo said...

i love that marc by marc bag!! its style is classic..what?it cld be a school bag as well?? lurvely!!

Ane said...

Hmm....who do I blog for....
Well I guess its mainly for myself. Too see what people think of me and my views on fashion, and to see what others who either do or dont like my clothes, think about fashion too!
Okay, so that made very little sense, but all in all,
I blog for myself.

And wow, I love the outfit!
I do think the top was a bit too baggy for my taste, though you really, as Tim Gunn would say, 'Make it work!'...or really Made it work!


this wheel's on fire said...

i never really thought about that! i guess i blog mainly for myself, but when other people like my posts that's obviously nice. it's just nice to see the similarities we all have and to learn about other interests that i've never heard of...

Stompface said...

I blog to meet and discuss with likeminded people. I think I have probably one friend in the real world who gets my extreme EXTREME love of fashion, art etc. So it's nice to be in this little net world where you can chat with people who are into the same things as you, like go on and on about fashion and not have people looking at you like a weirdo.

I really like your outfit here too by the way.

aimée said...

thank you dearly x

J. said...

I've always had trouble with the cuffed jeans thing (short legs and such), but I think it looks pretty good and comfy here.

Reasons for blogging? I know I started for myself because I got sick and tired of wearing abercrombie like everyone else in my town. As well as that, it was also to show my pals from school what I like to wear. Then I discovered lots of other blogs - and from there I took so much inspiration. And now? Still for myself. Probably a lot of narcissicism there, but that's just who I am I suppose.

Krystal said...

great look! as always i love your blog!


Suzanne said...

Personally, I blog so that I can express my ideas and opinions, and discuss them with other bloggers. I find it so fun to write about the things that I've found thrifting, and find out what other people think of it. I don't have that many friends who are super into fashion like I am, so talking with other bloggers is a real treat :)

ps-I LOVE your necklace!

ryder said...

blog should be a way something, and get notice for it. i read somewhere that bloggers today dont comments sencirely as they use to... well... wrong.

so i will comment on your style sencirely: very cruise like :) what i like the most is the big shirt, jeans pulled up a bit (very rockabilly)... but what i love are the snickres! its all about simplicity!

Susanna-Cole said...

Oooh I love love love this look! Especially the bag, I think that's my favorite part, but oh I don't know it's all amazing! :)

And thank you so much for the mention dear, that was really sweet of you! <3

And hm, I just realized though I ask all my readers why they blog, I didn't really say why I did, did I? Well since you asked here as well, now's my time to answer that I guess! ;) And I blog mostly for the dicussion and communication, and in hopes to inspire. Most the people I know at the moment around here, are well, rather shallow, and really aren't interested in talking about anything more critical than clothes or boys and what not, and so I really love being able to blog and connect with people around the world who also have an interest in dicussing thoughts and views on various topics and issues world-wide as well as personal. And I am also always recieving inspiration from my readers and their comments and their blogs as well! :)

So yeah... I think that's mainly why I blog! Oh and also to share lovely imagery, cause when I find gorgeous images I just want to show them to everyone! :)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! :)


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

drama in here! Love your necklace!

Copycat Sasha said...

I can't help it, getting comments from people make me feel happy. It gives me reassurance that some one out there actually cares what I have to say?

By the way I love the blue shirt, is that denim?

The Clothes Horse said...

Love the bag.
The reasons behind blogging are complex and definitely differ for each blogger. I have to constantly remind myself I am blogging for myself--if I was just blogging what others want there is no point, the others could just blog that...

The Stylish Wanderer said...

wanna sambo- it is a school bag! I use it everyday

copycat sasha- wouldnt that be cool?
unfortunately its not denim

yiqin; said...

I love love lvoe the way you put the outfit together. Especially the oversized shirt.

Anonymous said...

I think that it's a little frustrating when all of you commenters say "I blog for myself, and only myself". Well, what if no one ever read your blog. It would be a secret little blog that no one ever saw. How long would that last? You all want to sound like amazing people and say how you only do what you want. That is to en extent. Tell me, if you were about to meet Karl Lagerfield, would you pump up your style a-game? I think you would. You would want to impress, or show, Karl Lagerfield that you are stylish. Having a blog is not very philosophical. You pick a name, create it, and type. Yes maybe it's a little philisphical, because your saying what you feel. But I'm sick of everyone getting all wacked out by the stylish wanderer being HONEST. I find that you bloggers are not very truthful about your blogging motives. Thats my soupbox.

D said...

the mbymj is awesome fits your outfit well,to answer your question i blog for excitement and the enjoyment of sharing my ideas to the world,so i can inspire other to love fashion as mich as i do,or lif ein general!

lets trade links,your too cool to not be on my list great blog