Saturday, October 25, 2008

When We Come Back, Everyone's Going to Be Naked

So some of you might have noticed that I have a un-natural ammount of Chip and Pepper denim. That is simlpy because, I LOVE THEM! With all my heart I say I love them.
Ive been incredibly depressed lately seeing that (or actually not seeing) them in magazines, or in any blogs. The denim quality is amazing, and I love the colors and fit. This christmas, please please I hope to god, every single one of you receive a pair, (because they are a bit pricey.)

Btw, did I just stick my foot in my mouth and everyone loves them already? If not, what denim do you like?


Mila said...

I am loving the very light one!

Nay'Chelle said...

I remeber Chip and Pepper being very "in" and everyone obssessed over them like a year or two ago. Now it seems like the fervor has died down. I actually did notice you wear them quite a bit. haha

J. said...

For me, jeans are jeans. I wear them, I tear them, I don't care, and I keep wearing them until I outgrow them/they become totally decrepit. Though their quality is very good - I tried them on in Nordstrom's once. I hate that nothing fits me right!

Haha, but I also think the light ones are awesome. And the really blue ones on the top right corner :)

J.Yo said...

wow! yeah i hope i get it for christmas too, but to bad i can't find them here..

i love how it fits , and the light washed out colored one is also very nice..!

aimée said...

bahahaha, i was just reading your blog when i got the notification for your comment heeeeee xD

i love all denim. couldn't choose a type. bleached and totally wrecked in a non trashy way generally gets me quite high.

Lisa said...

they are Canadian lads.
love them.

i have to admit I'm not into brands or expensive jeans. Its all about fit for me and I will pretty much buy any pair, from anywhere!


C* said...

I love how it fits! *-*

Ana said...

I dont really wear jeans to be honest but those are nice.

marriahh said...

really, as long as they fit, and i can afford them, i go for any type of jeans,,,
my greatest love though is when you can find jeans that are wonderfully high quality at a thrift shop for next to nothing.
I recently bought a pair of alomst brand new chip and pepper's at my local goodwill for $3, and they really do fit amazing.

Chessie said...

Well, on you they look amazing, so no duh there.

Anonymous said...

I really like chip and pepper. They are so soft! I feel so relaxed and down to earth when I wear them.

lacouturiernyc said...

i love the skinny ones!

j brand is amazing. and guess also has some great skinny/straight denim in beautiful washes & minute details!

La C

lacouturiernyc said...

i love the skinny ones!

j brand is amazing. and guess also has some great skinny/straight denim in beautiful washes & minute details!

La C

Anonymous said...

Robyn's Jeans make a great skinny jeans! Especially if you ahe no butt, like me :)
I also LOVE my Brown Label jeans, the ft is very vintage, high waisted, wide leg... super hot! I think everyone should own a pair!!

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm not loyal to a particular brand, but I'll have to give these a look-see the next time I'm on the hunt for the perfect jeans.

JFK Jean said...

I'm a Levi's man. Their skinny's are like heaven and they fit like a glove....and they don't stretch!!

Junior said...

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