Wednesday, October 15, 2008

po-ver-ty 1. the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor; indigence.

Poverty in the world is a very big issue. The most recent time I started my blog, I looked around for cool blog sites I could join that would be sort of like a unified blogging community. I came up with Blog Action Day. Its a community of bloggers who, on a specific day of the year, write about one thing that is some sort of trial and tribulation to and in the world. You may have noticed my little badge on the bottom of my side-bar. (If not, I forgive you, some people barely scroll down to view my pictures before leaving, *GASP* I know!)

This year, it was decided upon poverty.

Poverty is an incredible harsh global problem. I know its hard, in our current economic struggle, to think about anything more than what we're going through at this time, but this is what this whole Blog Action Day is about, getting outside of ourselves and realizing there is more to the world then the most recent Ralph Lauren collections, (which was amazing, by the way.)

Even in the US, which is supposed to be one of the most powerful and rich countries of the world, (actually not anymore thanks to the stock market and *COUGHCOUGHBUSHCOUGH** What? I didnt say anything), we have poverty.

Its hard to think about it when you constantly go to sites like here and here, where they talk about their newest Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, or awesome Prada skirts. But its out there, and it needs to be changed.
In Thailand there is something that just disgusts me going on. Families are using their tiny (8 to 9 year old) girls to fight in a boxing ring for money because they have little or nothing to live on. Child labor is an unfortunate sub-division of poverty, where children are sometimes forced to have a job in order to pay for their family's bills.

You know when you buy fake purses or wallets, or shoes even? (Not all of us, but there is a high percentile rate that does) think of where it comes from. More often than not tiny children in China or India are stitching those seams for you, and shiny those buckles, probably to something equivalent to 2¢ an hour.
We need the style bloggers out there to think about this things and try to make a difference. Thousands of people log on and view our blogs everyday, and its time we use that to our advantage. (We could be like Bono, going all humanitarian and stuff, except minus the sunglasses-wearing-all-the-time-thing and awesome rocking singing voice *sigh*.)
I already know that we are the leaders of style and what people wear on the streets, (I mean dont you believe that we start the trends and become the leaders of what those designers put on their runways? I like to think we do.)

Power to the Style Bloggers. Let us end poverty!

Some links for info on Poverty:
Poverty in US
Poverty in the World

(pictures from Jak & Jil, and Google, edited by me)
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Malena said...

Great post, I totally agree that people should enjoy fashion and clothes, but remember that other people are not nearly as fortunate as them. I'm actually studying this topic at school, and I read an article that really affected me. It argued that by indulging ourselves, the rich are murdering the poor. I'm not quite sure if I agree with this, but in the article it specifically said in one point "buying clothes to be fashionable rather than to keep warm", which really made me think.

Lisa said...

i could not agree more.

this was a enlightening post, my dear.


i live in south africa, which is still considered a 3rd country. i see poverty on a daily basis, stopping at a light and kids/adults asking for money rips my heart out that i can't give to everyone. I do give every single day and just hope that it helps to those i reach... i studied social work and saw some horrific things..and even though these people were living in poverty they still wore a smile. AND 99% of the time they just wanted someone to listen to them... thats it. to have a open heart + ears.

we are SO fortunate and to not give ( time or money ) is crraaaazzzzzzyyy.

we must do something!

i could go on forever...
so i'll just thank you for opening this up to all of us.

happy wednesday.

Amelia said...

I think this is really important to address, but I also think that just because people don't write about things like poverty on their blogs doesn't mean we don't think about it. A lot of thought has to be given to the function of one's blog--I like to think of blogs as an escape from this sort of stuff, because it is stuff that I think about all of the time and need a break from to stop from becoming depressed. Anyway, good post. I like the pictures, too.

J. said...

Thank you! I think you really made some excellent points in this post, but the best thing about it was that you didn't try to freak us out. You were so honest and I really appreciate your steps toward ending global poverty.

PS - those chloe boots? ARE AMAZING. :)

BELLA?! said...

In my class today we were just talking about child labour and I just did a project on it. Did you know that most ppl can't ever get out of the debt so they sell their childeren off and when the childrean have children, they're born into bonded labour. When I become a designer, my factories to be child free. The fashion industry has to change!! Go World!!

makemoremistakes said...

This is a really great post. There is a huge imbalance of wealth in the world, and it's something that people need to become more aware of. It's an issue that is much bigger than something that can just be pushed to the back burner when we satiate our guilt by donating some money to one charity or another. If poverty is ever to be cured we must understand why it happens in the first place, and thus reconstruct our society in a way that solves that existing institutional issue.
This is another issue that can only be solved by changing the whole system internally, it can't be solved by topical solvents, like donating time/money...but in any case it's a really good thing to bring up, change has to start with discussion, so thanks!!
Hope you're well!


this wheel's on fire said...

very good's why i'm in school to become a social worker <3

Tavi said...

Amazing post. I didn't know that about Thailand! Thank you so much for addressing this.

GObama. Nice sidebar :)


its good that you're raising awareness, and you do post AMAZING pictures, but that's not ALLL I look at when I come here, I read too!

Tina :) said...

Oh jeez, I heard about the children boxers too! I watched a show about that, I think it was Taboo (on Discovery Channel). It's so heartbreaking to see these young kids fighting like this. I think there was even a 4-year old!

Tina {Your Everyday Style}

Annie said...

I had to do an essay on this for Geography and it was horrible to research for... but with the financial shit going on, people are like "screw fairtrade! get me my cheap coffee!"