Thursday, October 16, 2008

No, I didnt Guest Model at the Maison Martin Margiela, They Asked, But I Was Too Expensive

The MMM (Im shortening it for lack of propriety, no, actually, cause I dont want to have to write out Maison Martin Margiela the whole post. Deal), show really spoke to me. Not because I like the look of really really pale hiper-ly skinny legs, cause there was a plus size in that, or barely any inspirational clothing, but because, TADA: they hid their faces! Remind you of anyone? (Total Craig Ferguson moment there. My apologies.) Im totally feeling the whole mysterious aspect of it all. And I gotta say, Im loving it.
Remember this photo? Yeah. Thats all Im saying.

Anyway, Im also apologizing for lack of outfit posts in, (2-3?), days. This blog around I promised to have more than any regular dose of normal outfit posts, and I swear to you itll be happening. School has been really busy, but hopefully youll see a guest star appearance, in the next few days, of my friend, as soons as I get the okay from her. Lately, though, Ive just been crushing on these shoes. Can I say more?


Isabel said...

Ahaha, so true! You trendsetter, you. :)

Lisa said...

AH you're too great.

this is awesome.

you definitely lead the pack!


alice said...

aha I see what you did there.

If heels were practical, those would totally be my dream shoes

Snowshoe said...

umm... just perused the archives of you blog... and it's like how the hell did I miss this blog all this time? I don't freaking know. I'm a lousy blogger that gets confused and lost in the sphere I guess... but definitely linking your fantastic sight forthwith! love it!

Juliet said...

Those shoes are making everyone mad I would say, how is it democrasity for me to not get them?

juliet xxx

Krystal said...

They sure are Gucci, I hate impostors :)

Love your blog as always.


Krystal said...

I have my people at Gucci. Basically I called them up and said, here's my credit card number, I want the studded zip up bootie, and the studded sandals--and they do the work for me. Did you see the zip up version? They told me there were a grand total of 15 in the whole country:

Isabel said...

Oh by the way, I tagged your awesome blog. Check mine for the details!

fashionista said...

You were TOTALLY ahead of the times.

Annie said...

I could never walk in those, but I do love the color detail.

Amelia said...

lol. I think MMM was copying you. Those shoes are cool.

J. said...

Very clever way to think about MMM - the flesh-tone bodysuits were kind of distracting me from the idea of the mysterious hidden faces. (Wonder if those models WANTED to be hidden...?!)

And agreed wholeheartedly about the shoes. I think I'd prefer them over a boyfriend.

caro. said...

it's quite obvious . . . they love ya blog, geeerlfreeend. and copied you blatantly. tsktsk

Fashion Is Poison said...

sooo hot