Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Love When Tags Lead to Outfit Posts

I was tagged by the lovely Roxanne from Pandora's Closet.
The tag is incredibly simple, and oh-so fun! Simply go to your iPod or iTunes and shuffle the songs, and the next song that appears you dress accordingly! So today, I finally, I got to actually doing the tag!Photobucket

I go to my iPod and click shuffle songs. A nice melody plays that I hadn't heard before, and I looked at the artist. Its Joni Mitchell. Shucks. Not only do I not know how this got on my iPod, (well actually I do, my cousin got ahold of my computer and put about 1000 songs on there), but I haven't really ever seen her. So I googled her, and mostly I got pictures of her with a guitar, which clearly wasn't going to fly, cause im a Piano Man, (or piano woman, whatever.) But since she was iconic of the 70s as well, I figured Id try to re-create some sort of aura from the 70s.
I think it was really a very unfortunate failure, but here is my outfit anyways. And the thought process was fun as well! I tag: The Clothes Horse, Power Rangers Go!, Pensare Ancora, and 1234
EDIT: AND I tag Nice and Shiny!

Today, besides my 70s outfit failure, is filled with promising promises. I hope to go vintage shopping and hopefully come back with this letterman's jacket Ive had my eye on in a window.
Wish me luck!

heels- marc by marc jacobs
necklaces- random oddities
bracelets- grandma
bow ring- marc by marc
multi-colored ring- poppi shop
I was tagged again by This Wheel's On Fire. Im supposed to write six things about myself that are quirky, or what not.

1. I can watch a scary movie without the sound off and I wont think its as scary anymore
2. I hate white chocolate and dark chocolate, but I always want dark chocolate when I see people eating it.
3. I know how to dance to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson
4. I have had my same iPod for about 3 odd years now, but lost it for 1 1/2 years.
5. I play the piano (does that count as quirky?), as well as the violin.
6. This is my fourth blog.
For this tag, I tag EVERYONE!


Chessie said...

Really? Michael Jackson? *Envy*

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

so does that mean that i am tagged too....hmmm....ok!

Annie said...

Love those rings...

Amelia said...

What a cool tag. I really like the outfit. The colors are really nice.

NonchalantMod said...

very cool tag and post.

Tavi said...

I like the details of your outfit, they make it more 70's. Looks great.

Nay'Chelle said...

The accessories really add to creating the seventies look. Nice skirt and rings.

Malena said...

just WOW, the seventies were rocking and your outfit totally matches. Nice one

Nice and Shiny said...

Daaang, I would have had the peeeerfect pants for a Joni look! I hope someone tags me, this is so fun!!
Thanks for tagging me Be-yoch.
lol jk!

Lisa said...

i love the shadowing.look of the last picture.

that skirt is electric!

thanks for sharing these facts with us. You're such a lovely lady!


Ana said...

I'm not sure if the outfit is 70's but it is amazingly cool.

yiqin; said...

Awesome. I love the colors in the outfit! The green is fantastic!

roxanne said...

that green! love it! joni mitchell is such an awesome inspiration to draw from, you pull it off well! so excited to see this tag reach a bunch of people..

Shutter-bug said...
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Shutter-bug said...

oooh joni mitchell! good outfit posts do come from her, this is true. i'm not so sure your outfit is 70's, but it's still really cute! love your green skirt!

MW said...

you play the piano and violin? thats cool, so do I :]

Mary said...

I can totally see the inspiration in this! Such a cool idea, really! I like how it turned out.

this wheel's on fire said...

love this :)

fashionista said...


Mila said...

so so so gorgeous!!!!

May Kasahara said...

oh my lord those RINGS ♥