Friday, September 12, 2008

Mix Up Mash Up Lets See Ya Danceeee (Poem+Photos+OUTFIT KEEP SCROLLING!!!)

Dearest Mr. Mizrahi,
You made a spring collection this year, and honestly?
They blew my pastel socks off.
Not only was it neon, and colorful,
but you added black to it as well.
I promise to kick anyone who doesnt like your outfits,
cause lets face it? Its hard to design, but you make it seem easy.
Your nods to tinkerbell and cinderella are just astounding me,
as well as the name of two of your dresses "Glamourpillar" and "Glitterpillar"
made me laugh. Just keep on rocking Mr. Mizrahi...
By the way, can I call you Isaac? Even your name ROCKS!
~The Stylish Wanderer

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Isaac re-established my love for the runway. So if you dont think Im devoted to his line enough, just keep yourself content with the fact that I made 3 VERY LARGE banners, so take that, you......uh....(thinking of word thinking of word thinking of word thinkinging of word thinkginging wor dof thinkings of word thinking of word thiking o-CRITICS, yea you critics! *shakes fist*
Ok, so outfit.... I was feeling vintage, sorta. I wish to shorten the skirt though, so it doesnt cut me off and make me look shorter than I already am.
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skirt- Vintage
black tank- target
cardigan- vintage

OH! And have you heard that Alexander Wang is making a lower-priced line?
Yeah its called T by Alexander Wang, and his shirts will cost roughly 40 to 90 dollars. Or something anyway, awesome pic coming in 3....2....1:


Sophia said...

i looooove your cardigan! =0
where do you get your vintage stuff?

this wheel's on fire said...

i can't get over your hair!! LOVE

Amelia said...

Personally, I wasn't that into the Isaac Mizrahi collection, but I'm glad you liked it. I really like your little "letter" at the beginning of the post. I also like your cardigan. Yeah, it's hard to believe how much people will pay for a designer tank top.

Lisa said...

that skirt is perfect.

it fits you beautifully...

The Clothes Horse said...

Love that cardi and the skirt length is rather "fresh." I hear longer skirts are rather "in" at the moment, but I am addicted to shorter ones as well.
I love the banner you added, it's gorgeous.
$40 for a tank definitely seems excessive.
Oh, and I'm afraid you're going to have to kick me I just don't like Mizrahi...

Taghrid said...

youre so silly. i love this post.

and your outfit is super fab, the high waist of that skirt is so lovely paired with teh cardigan, perfect!


♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you, darling! <3

I do love that jacket on you. :)

Lauriane said...

Yeah, I agree with the awang bs, but then I feel like it's the same thing as moschino having a "cheap and chic" like, it's ridiculous. Either you have a collaboration with target (or some other low end department) and let them set the prices if it's hurt too much for you to think about the middle class or you just make better cheap clothes (like marc jacobs).

Nita-Karoliina said...

i heard and thats cool!!! wonder can i buy them anywhere..
you look good :=)

Trendology said...

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Isaac Mizrahi's collection. And let's hope T by Alexander Wang has a lot of sales...

Fashion Is Poison said...

cute! <3

Clara said...

Okay seriously, I agree. I will not pay $40 for a wifebeater, no matter how deliciously drapey it is.

holly said...

i guess with this line in the high fashion way of pricing 'you get what you pay for'
but to us middle class kids we just turn to american apparel.