Monday, September 22, 2008

Forget About Our Mothers and Our Friends...

Yesterday was the first day that it felt really cold here and actually like fall. I bundled up and put on my cashmere sweater. Or as my uncle says "Cash MORE." Haha. Anyways. Rain rain... glad your here. Or something.

Went to the bookstore yesterday. Got a few books, "The Te of Piglet" & "Jane Eyre" & "Dreams from My Father" by Barack Obama. Good day. Now I need to read all of them. :)

Special shout out to The Clothes Horse, who I think goes to Greece goes today! So so jealous, hope you have such an awesome time, and check in with the blog once in a while.
BTW, a few of you said, (actually just one person), I should name my boots. Can anyone come up with any names? Ill put those that I like up on a poll and then everyone can VOTE. Which will be fun, and kinda like a presidential election. :P

sweater- vintage
pants- target
scarf- relative
compass necklace- no idea
heels- marc by marc jacobs


yiqin; said...

wow, two toned shoes! I love it! Especially the little fringe detail at the front. & you rock those pants damn well too.

the tea drinking english rose said...

you look great.

those shoes are rather spectacular.
they look great on you.

pig told me he believes in you too. and he also adores your shoes.

MollyCake said...

compass necklace. right on time... love.

Mila said...

Woooow, love this post really much!
You look absolutely amazing, girl! Love everything you are wearing... <3
Great books also!

Great blog... ;)

Bye, dear!


DaisyChain said...

Ohhh those shoes and that necklace are amazing <3

Zoƫ said...

ahhhh that sweater is greattt
i want it
it looks so warm and cozy

michelle said...

I love your shoes!!

Lisa said...

i love that 3rd picture.

thefashionmaven said...

i got your comment and am in a deep wishful mediation that somehow some way these shoes will find their way into my life! they look great on you - and great with this outfit :)
i'm always impressed with your pics.

Amelia said...

I love the color combination and the necklace. The picture with the bird house is pretty cool. No ideas on names, though.

Nay'Chelle said...

Great colors! Today was our first day of a taste of real autumn. I don't want the weather to get worse!

Cool compass

Nay'Chelle said...
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this wheel's on fire said...

why are you so fantastic!?

jess said...

I love your shoes. Maybe you name the brown ones Victoria because you find them victorian. I'm not very good with creative names.

Marina said...

I love those little blueandwhite shoes.
And the compass necklace (does it still work?)

As for the boots: they should be named something western-y. Like....John Wayne. Or Right The Kid or something.


Rose said...

You're back!

Nice hair and outfit!


Marina said...

I thought of this later and blogger doesn't allow editing on their comments so......sorry.

"Right The Kid"
Laced Up and Tall.
Often seen with "Loose Lefty"
REWARD $2000,

again, I um......well I have no explanation except my wicked bad sense of humour.

Bucca said...

I am in lust with your shoes!

Lil Midget said...

Hey there. Thanks for the comment. Love the shoes!

Annie said...

Unique shoes!

Nita-Karoliina said...

again i am in love whit ur outfit, and i love that back round, it reminds me of pride and predujise movie (sorry spelling) or something with keira on it. cos u somehow remind me of keira mixed with irina lazeranu!

Sophia said...

those shoes are fabulous.
and i like your pants.

fashionista said...

Oh my GOD I am in love with those shoes.

Juliet said...

Those shoes are very nice.

juliet xxx

bi-style said...

at first: I love your shoes! and I love the colors of your outfit!

Krystal said...

Love love love the look! I love when people don't look all the same, and make others want to follow.


She's Dressing Up said...

The Marc Jacobs heels look amazing with this look!! said...

your shoes are maddd cool. i love your blog, of course. want to link? :]

Fashion Fille said...

looove the shoes! and your scarf!!!

Chessie said...

Im going to have to steal those shoes too.

J. said...

jane eyre is AMAZING (the movie on PBS is fantastic too actually) - kind of like those shoes!

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