Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana was kinda like United Kingdom Sitcoms. I kinda like it, kinda dont.
There a sort of really hard-core wannabe rocker/glamour thing in this, with a mix of 50s housewife clothing. (Examples: pajama like silky trousers and tops, apron-esque tops with ties like you tie an apron, scarves in hair etc.)

Its ok. I love all the colors and I think my collages look amazingly amazing, cause of all the rockin shots and metallic edges. But thats just me.

BTW, thinking of cutting my hair. What do you think? It wont be radical, like Agyness Deyn's, but something shorter than it is. Id keep my bangs. Not like there is much choice with that.


Nay'Chelle said...

I wasn't really a fan of D&G's show, but I like the close-up on the far right in the 2nd cluster of photos.

I think a cut that wasn't above the shoulders would look good.

alex hannah said...

i heart those red glitter shoes!

the tea drinking english rose said...

i really do love those glittered shoes! i would love some.

wow to your idea of the hair cut! such a brave thing, as your hair is so beautifully long.
i just read it again... and you said NOT like agyness deyn.... oops.

how short? i bet you'd look wonderfully pretty whichever style you choose.

The Clothes Horse said...

This collection is so luxurious--I really like the ornate feel of many of their pieces.
Cut your hair? Change is good, but I really like your long hair. In fact I'm trying to grow my out to a similar style. :)

this wheel's on fire said...

hhhmmm i don't know about the hair (like it matters what i write haha) because yours is very beautiful, but change is always good. i love getting hair cuts so i think go for it!
and i'm iffy about the collection too

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh love all the silk and shine! Some really gorgeous garments!

And I'm a little unsure about the haircut, cause I think you have gorgeous hair already, however it's your hair, and if you want to cut it, you should go for it, don't worry about what other people like me say! ;)

Thanks for your comment by the way, and for adding me to your blog list, I will add you to mine as well! :)


Amelia said...

I definitely agree about Dolce & Gabbana. There are always some aspects I like and some I don't. Overall, the effect is usually too matronly, but I like the details.

Tina :) said...

It was alright; I really liked some of the pieces, but a lot of them were a little too much for my taste.

Tina {Your Everyday Style}

Mary said...

Ever since they stopped being so sexed up, Dolce & Gabanna have taken over my heart. I love everything.

PS: AWWW! I LOVE THAT PICTURE! There just might be a thank you on my blog, ahah.

fashionista said...

Eh. It was eh.
But I do agree with Mary, I am loving the less "LOOK AT ME I AM THE SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE" look so much better.

Miss Karen said...

I kinda liked the trashy D&G of old hehe. This time around, I think they wanted the best of both worlds, to be demure and glitzy at the same time. It works but there's something a little off about it all.

I do love the red shoes though!

PS. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog :D

Isabel said...

Ewwwww. The only thing that peaks my interest are the red sequin shoes.

Jessi Huey said...

the haircut you mentioned sounded pretty cool, I wish I could pull off something like that... wanna swap links... here's me

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