Monday, September 08, 2008

Death and All His Friends

Its sorta funny, (not really), when things of gravitational weight come down on you and effect your life in some way, no matter how minute the circumstance relates to you. An acquaintance of mine, who I had only known once but seem to be a very animated kid, had a father that was sick with cancer. I had only learned of this last week when I met the boy. This past weekend his father past away. It was strange to learn of this just last week, and then it all come crashing down in such a short period of time. It upset me greatly, even though I didnt even know the man. But things like this seem to press upon the question:
"How long do we really have on this earth?"
"Have we done things we are proud of?" and finally "What is life about?"
Is about having a large social network the blogsphere? Is it about helping the earth? Is it about creating entertainment for people to read? I dont really know right now. Sorry to get all sappy on you darling readers (hoorrah to hoping youre actually reading this.) But, what do you think?
However, this in no way is effecting my blog and whether I continue on with it, but it is something to ponder, and to realize its a much bigger world out there, bigger than you and me and these words Im writing. '

On to my outfit! I had cut out this patch from a jacket I got at goodwill, the jacket was too big, but the patch just perfectly nautical. Though, I didnt know what to do with the patch afterwards. So you could understand that it was quite awesome when I put on my navy shirt, and my yellow skirt and found the perfect place for the patch! Right on the pocket of my skirt, matching the outfit! YAY. But being the totally lacking person in crafts and sewing, I just pinned the patch for now, and will get to sewing it when my skills have improved.

Skirt- AA
Shirt- ON
Patch- Vintage
Metal Purse (for those with good eye-sight)- Vintage


Malena said...

This post is amazing. I had my best friend's mom die when i was really young, also from cancer.
I think its great that you can go beyond the "this is my outfit" posts


this wheel's on fire said...

That's terrible about the boy & his certainly makes you think. We go through daily life without really being alive.
I'm so DEEP hehe on a superficial note: lovely pictures!!

Amelia said...

I believe what you're experiencing is existential angst--the idea that in existing we are free to do as we please, so we begin to fear that we are not fulfilling our existence, to explain it roughly. Unfortunately, I think about this everyday. However, I think the blogsphere can definitely fit into existence. It can be very meaningful. I also really like your outfit--navy and mustard is a great color combination and the patch is really cool.

Nay'Chelle said...

Great job with the patch. Nice post.

Nita-Karoliina said...

i agree most of the people who posted up ^
i once just met a boy. and next day his dad died for cancer. so that was end of us of course,he didnt have a power to have a new relationships. but i have been my self sick a lot, and i know while we are in here, we should enjoy it. live it. but sometimes person forgets it, that life isnt forever. it can stop like tomorrow. so people remember to live and make ur dreams to come true! i have now! when i met my man, my drams are getting come true <3
one point in my life i was so sick and now power to live or breathe, thanks those dys are over..

back to the oiutfit: amazing, you have creative eye!

The Clothes Horse said...

That is a great patch. I think when big things hit us we have to take strength in the little things.

Mila said...

Such a lovely post!
Such a sad story, but you really did a great job doing this post.

Love that skirt and the whole outfit.

I wish you all the best, and more..


La Femme Chic said...

That is such a sad story. :(
But your skirt is divine

Jenn said...

Love the outfit! Great idea to make your AA skirt more unique.

JFK Jean said...

I lost my mother to cancer so I know how he feels but honestly what can you do?

Love the look by the way. Way to improvise and not waste the patch