Thursday, September 25, 2008

If I met Jeesus and he asked me what he should wear, Id say Alberta Ferretti

Im so so lame. Alberta Ferretti was one of my favorite fall collections and I didnt even POST about it! Gosh. I know. Punch me. Anyway, so yeah, didnt have time to post it before the new spring collection came out, so here I am, posting about is new collection to sorta make up for it. (Though chances are, if I had the brains I would post about BOTH of them in their own time, and I wouldnt be making up for it....yeah. I dont make sense.)

Anyway, so I loved this collection too. Alberta knows how to rock my socks off. The nods to the 20s were just astounding, and Im loving the gorgeous grape lipstick they are sporting, plus the messy hair. Pure perfection in my opinion. Pure perfection.

Just to confuse you, Im going to post my runway board for the fall collection anyway. Then you can see several sides to the Ferretti world. Love.



Lisa said...

ahhh love.
don't you just love their editorials in the magazines--on the subway ?... i think they are stunning.

The Clothes Horse said...

I do like these collections--both seasons.
P.S. I prefer your brighter plaid than that celeb's as well, but I'm a sucker for bright colors.

Copycat Sasha said...

Both the collections are beautiful, but think I like the fall one better

nostyleboys said...

i really like your blog!
and I love the shirt in the last post

wanna exchange links?

Malena said...

good choice there
but i think it's spelled "jesus"

this wheel's on fire said...

so great! thanks for posting these!!

Amelia said...

The spring collection doesn't totally float my boat, but the fall collection is great. I love the dresses in the bottom left of both collages. I always love Alberta Ferretti ads, too.