Monday, August 25, 2008

I Can Kick You If I Want, But My Boots Are Better Than You, So I Wont

For my birthday last May I asked for Doc Martens. Unfortunately, I was unable to attain them, instead I was given a rain check on their purchase and was told that I would get to buy them at a later date. How freakin lame is that? Yeah yeah, I know you agree with me, but what was I going to say, "My Blogger friends agree that youre completely lame and you should give them to me NOW," ? That wasnt going to fly. I know, I know. Instead of doing that though, I nodded my head and waited, and waited, and waited some more.....
Finally after much talking and talking, I ordered them in bronze. Im a size US 8 or 8 1/2 , but in the UK im a size 6, which makes me feel very feminine and dainty. Doesnt that ROCK!? Anyway. The fall season is fast approaching, I cant wait to wear this with my gray/white denim, and my 60s-esque swing coat. Pictures to come when they arrive, but for now, bask in the amazing greatness/beauty of these bronze boots, and laugh to yourself how much you want them, cause I know you do.

I know at least, that Stephenie has them, but I think mine are cooler, and I havent even seen them, just dont tell her that. :P
Now I just want to run up and down the rafters screaming "Whats up DOC?" 'cause Im cool like that.


Richel said...

metallic docs? Wow, I don't know if I could ever pull those puppies off.

Ike said...

I love that you feel "dainty" in Docs! That's pretty awesome :)
Metallic ones should make quite a statement!

And no, my name is not really Ike :(
It's actually a fun nickname my friends and I picked when we were making up our "supermodel names". I thought it was pretty cute and short. You are actually the first person to notice that it is an odd name for a girl :) and I think that Mike and Ike's are okay!

Lisa said...

oooo you will rock those docs.

enjoy lady!

thanks for the comment love.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

richel and ike-
I had never really thought of them as hard to pull off, but maybe because I knew EXACTLY what to wear them with; neutral colors that were boring compared to the docs, but youve kinda scared me if I can actually wear them. *shakes off* Okkkkkk calmed down. Im better.
Lisa-thanks, and youre welcome

chloe said...

Those Docs are the ultimate! I saw them a few days ago online, and now i find out you've bought them!!

You know what, i'm in exactly the same position. i've been asking for floral Docs for so long, but mum would rather spend money on 'sensible clothes'.
Some people just never understand.
I hope you have fun walking around wearing them , just knowing that you are wearing the coolest shoes out!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Great title! :P

Richel said...

I have added you to my links as well!

Kathleen said...

These will be great with gray and white denim. Yes, the garment center T is quite're probably right about that being the whole point. Thanks for checking out the blog!

Sahel said...

I WANT THEM SO MUCH!, i love love love love love love them, i was looking at the long maroon ones - my mom told me to get a job ! IM LIKE ;O SAY WHAT? i'm getting one soooon, shes like - until then no Docs for you!

Sophia said...

I like dr martens but I love my Dockers more :P