Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Some leftover photos I took a couple weeks ago with this little black dress I am in love with. Just the perfect length and texture to wear during the day and transition to night. Also, I bought this coat for $3 at the goodwill-- I'm now convinced that all my coolest clothes come from thrift stores.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Earthy Normcore Trucker

I am officially D-O-N-E with my sophomore year of college. I can not believe how fast the time went; this semester seems like sort of a blur but I'm spending the next half week in Palm Springs for a bit of a relaxation after some seriously exhausting last couple of weeks (plus its my birthday Wednesday!). I'm going to utilize that time to journal and read a whole bunch, and hopefully come up with some sunny Palm Springs photos for you guys. Also, coming up with more video content for the blog (I'm a film student, after all and just spent the last semester in an amazingly informative production class) so stay tuned for that!

In other news, suede has become my new go-to material. I'm obsessed. I purchased this vintage Liz Sport skirt on eBay for a mega steal and I think I'm now going to base all my choices around this piece. Going for earthy/norm core/trucker of sorts, I guess? Need to become better at fashion semantics. photo IMG_2881_zps5ko7uiwd.jpg photo IMG_2888_zpslqumaips.jpg photo IMG_2887_zpsruwbxszd.jpg photo IMG_2885_zpstxwnzfww.jpg photo IMG_2886_zps8t5yrfnn.jpg
 photo IMG_2889_zpsgxkiv2cb.jpg
American Apparel crop top, vintage Liz Sport suede skirt, Mephisto green sandals, vintage tibtetan prayer beads, Sjodin 925 white shell necklace, TSBarrett hand-painted hat.


Monday, May 04, 2015

The Romper to End All Rompers

This is the type of piece I can live in all summer long. Effortless, simple, yet not your average romper. Good job, Madewell. I just need to get better at ironing my clothes and then we'll be all good.

Also, can't seem to stop wearing this simple gold chain. I've been looping it around my neck a bunch, but also letting it hang free. I never knew such a basic piece could go such a long way. Which I guess is a theme in a lot of my choices right now.

Madewell kimono romper, Mr. Kate Forest Horizon cuff, vintage gold chain, Nars lipstick.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Even Shorter Hair

It's taken a couple days but I finally am enjoying this super short bob. I went into the chair asking for something longer, but the hairdresser basically took it out of my hands and although I was a little worried at the beginning I now definitely admire his choice. I say if you want to take the risk, then go for it. You only live once, right? Next up: navy hair, a la Lichtenstein's Drowning Girl.

P.s. School is ending this week and I am so beyond excited for summer. This year has been remarkable for a myriad of reasons but I'm ready for no assignments and just endless days to do my own creative work.
And then a couple shots intended for Instagram:


Friday, April 24, 2015

end of the semester photos

School and work and interning is all wrapping up in the next couple weeks, and I am doing my best to accept the change with open arms. I'm not one to end things easily or happily, but as always, change can be an enormously good thing. I'm not sure what I'm doing this summer yet, but maybe doing nothing is the best thing for me? As always, here are some photos from the last couple weeks.
I went to the opening night of a musical this past weekend, and decided to try the whole "lets make black jeans dressy" look with this older Givenchy top I bought in high school and these super strange American Apparel nude flats which I think they discontinued.
I've been reading The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman for my anthropology class and it's really had a profound impact on me. The story is absolutely heartbreaking, but the writing is gorgeous and the information is more than invaluable. A definite recommend if you have the time.
I've been wearing a ton of green and blue lately. This is just a snippet of the things that have been in rotation.

Went to The Grove last week, and in addition to seeing Fast and Furious 7 (which is phenomenal by the way) I also picked up this little neon holdall from Topshop that I literally carry around with me everywhere even if I have another bag. It's the perfect size for our phone, coin purse, lotion and headphones and maybe a crystal or two. I love it.
I also picked up these matte cat eye sunglasses by Quay. I have never been much of a sunglasses person, but I've decided to actively try and use them all the time.
A couple weeks ago I went to Spellbound Sky-- a crystal and healing shop in Silverlake-- with my cousin, in part for a research project but also just to be immersed in an incredible room full of crystals.
My mom also gave me a couple from her collection and so now I find little ones around the apartment and in random bags. It's always good to have a crystal or two around if only just to look at something pretty, but I also believe in charging them with energy and setting intention.
I promised at some point I would do an apartment tour but its getting so late I'm not sure of thats possible. But a couple weeks ago the sun became obscured by the clouds and I took a moment to just rest in my living room and it was so peaceful.
Been wearing Mr. Kate's tuxedo handpiece a lot lately. Love the delicate gold chains paired with other gold rings from my jewelry collection.
Twice in the past month I've ventured to the Writer's Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills to watch some of my favorite television and film screenwriters talk about their writing processes and the general craft at large. The top photo is from the first day (wearing an Urban Outfitters poncho) and the bottom photo is from the second gathering.
I've probably mentioned in the past how low key my skin care routine is, but I've gotten sick of just rolling out of bed and doing nothing and actually want to take a second to take care of my skin now (also it's been pretty dry lately and have felt the effects of the weather). I stumbled upon Glossier and really fell in love with the brand and their whole deal so I ordered their Phase 1 set and their moon mask. I think I'll post a video because I kind of love the results but suffice to say I'm more than obsessed with these items.
Just a shot of a beautiful lavender tree on my block.
Most recent internship outfit with a Zara leather jacket and Topshop pants. Can't go wrong with black.