Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Haircut @ Ramirez Tran Salon

For several months now I'd wondered if it was time for a change. My hair has never been colored, dyed or even chalked on. In a world where so many different hairstyles and dos are available, why haven't I branched out? So, when the beyond sweet KC Carhart at Ramirez Tran Salon offered to have me come in for a color (and then a cut by Liz Sustaita) I knew I couldn't say no.

The girls started me off with a relatively minor change, but I'm so glad I did it. I knew I couldn't stick with such a dark color for my entire life, so the hard part was actually deciding what to do with my length. Before she cut, Liz and I discussed the benefit of going short versus staying long. Up until last October, I’ve always had long hair; over the years, trips to the salon were often just touch ups to rid myself of split ends. In fact, the first time I cut my hair in high school I cried for three days afterwards. Am I baby? Yes. Does that make it any less real? No. So when it came to deciding a length this time around, I was hesitant to take the plunge. After some persuasion (Liz used some pretty convincing rhetoric along the lines of: “You want a look. Every girl can have long hair.), I decided to go just above shoulder length. Am I happy? Yes. Does that mean I may still be a baby? Absolutely. But I’m a baby with short(er) hair! Thank you ladies, for the push in the right direction! 
Zara sweater, American Apparel leather skirt, Free People strappy bra, Urban Outfitters slide sandals, Cashbah Cafe leather backpack, Sjodin 925 necklaces, Madewell bar stud earrings

P.s. Contrary to what this post may imply, I actually feel like my hair is still too long and want to go shorter/add more highlights. Try something new/scary! It may surprise you.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Bikes are a huge phenomenon on campus and I've always been really against them-- a feeling that harkens way back to when I was just a baby high schooler in a Toyota Rav4, trying so hard not to hit anything on the road. However, living off campus means it's at least a fifteen minute walk from my apartment to class, and if I've slept in (which I am very guilty of) or not finished my homework (I have a lot on my plate, okay?!) then every minute really starts to count. This bike was a hand-me-down from a friend of a friend and I hate to admit it but I love the ease to which I can now wake up ten minutes before class and only be three minutes late instead of fifteen. Also, the faded yellow color feels so California-- a vibe I've basically never associated with myself until recently. Basically, the message of this post is: I'm jumping on a couple of bandwagons. Maybe it's because between improv workshop, midterms, working etc. I have no time to sleep or eat or think properly… or maybe I just really like cruiser bikes and peek-a-boo bras now. What's the world come to? 
Topshop Strappy Cami Top, Free People Sunkissed Strappy back bra, vintage jeans, American Apparel jelly heels, Mr. Kate Forest Horizon cuff and Third Eye necklace.

P.s. These photos were taken before I got my hair cut and colored on Saturday, so, you know, take a moment to say goodbye and stuff.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

90 Degrees - School Outfit

I've worn this outfit a number of times in various iterations (different jewelry, same base) because it really has just been so hot in LA. I spent the weekend in New York and it was such a stark contrast just in terms of the weather. I packed totally wrong, of course.  Because I was gone for just a couple days I just threw things in randomly and barely paid any attention to common sense or my iPhone's weather app. Packing gives me anxiety most of the time anyway, so maybe it was good I didn't really care.

This jumper/romper/dress/skirt thing is insane. I bought it at a Goodwill in August thinking it was a dress and I only realized it somehow connected itself on the bottom after taking it out of the laundry. I didn't think I would wear it because it really just screams the 80s, but lo and behold, here we are today. Never write off any piece of clothing, ladies! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Flight of the Bumblebees

There's something to be said about a new pair of shoes. I haven't bought heels in a very long time, and even then, the last pair I bought were extremely "versatile" i.e. very, very simple and consequently pretty boring. Therefore, these Miista platforms have been a long time comin'. I'm honestly not a person for trends but sometimes you just have to go for it. The large black platform and thick Birkenstock-esque straps? I'm in. I wore them all this past weekend and they made me so happy to just throw on with whatever and go. Plus, the golden little bumblebees are such an unexpected and fresh print. Who cares about cat prints when you can have bumblebees? 

Oh, also, a reader asked what my wardrobe plan was for this fall, and while I'll probably stick to my fail-safe black jeans, I will also be piling on the soft, neutral knits. This particular sweater I bought from the Goodwill a couple weeks ago and I am obsessed with it. It's so crazy soft. Never underestimate the power of the thrift store, you guys. 
Miista Elena Bumble Bee platforms, Current/Elliott jeans, vintage sweater, vintage gold necklaces. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Wilderness: Miista AW14

When I first started my blog, I shot a lot of my photos outdoors in the wilderness. I was living in Oregon at the time and green foliage was readily available. Of course, now living in LA, the blog has taken on a more metropolis tone (duh) and sometimes I miss the simplicity of acres of green fields and vibrant forests. That's why I am so into the London based shoe brand Miista (I've had a pair of their shoes and one of their bags on the blog before). The lookbook for their newest collection does a fantastic job of blending industrial with nature, organics with manmade. Not to mention, the clothes are a beautiful mix of soft knits and basic denim paired with unexpected silhouettes, details and layering. Of course, then there are the shoes-- which are exactly a blend of everything I've mentioned above. I myself have just purchased the Elena in the amazing Bee Print and am so psyched for them to arrive, but I also thought the lookbook was just too good not to share. You can shop more of their collection here.