Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Denim Duster and Mom Jeans at Comic-Con

Okay, I can not believe it's been two weeks since I last blogged. But then again, I can, because a whirlwind of activities (pre-production on my short film, interning for a screenwriter, taking two music theory classes and trying to maintain somewhat of a social life) have come up and there's been no time for anything. But I say that a lot.

These photos were taken when I had somewhat of an emotional breakdown (we can be honest about that, right?) and decided I needed to get the hell out of Los Angeles ASAP. So, I bought two tickets (one for me, one for my mom) to Star Trek: In Concert at Comic-Con and drove straight down to San Diego for the evening. It was a much needed break and I'm glad I did it because Michael Giacchino is one of my favorite composers and hearing some of his work live was breathtaking, although I know now that next time you gotta either go big or go home. Front row seats make the difference 100%.

Vintage DIY crop top, Urban Outfitters denim duster, Calvin Klein jeans, Adidas shoes, handmade necklace, Casio white watch, Yasmin Everley body chain.


Monday, July 06, 2015

Indiana Jones

I woke up on the morning of the fourth of July and decided I was not going to wear anything resembling the American flag. I just didn't feel any need to wear red, white or blue. Instead, I decided to pick up my Indiana Jones hat I bought at Disneyland in middle school and go for more of an "Indiana Jones's mistress" vibe. Cause truthfully who's more patriotic than Indiana Jones? Also, the outfit featured some themes that I'm really into right now: cargo pants, lace, cream knits and structured sandals. By this point, I have more cargo pants than I'd ever thought I would own in my life but luckily they've all come from thrift stores. I feel like my style has had a complete revolution lately and it's all been possible for less than a hundred dollars.
Vintage cargo pants, thrifted knit tank (similar here), American Apparel lace bra, Kelly Wearstler fossil necklace and Silence & Noise white sandals.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Shot these photos in downtown LA for my photographer friend Nicholas Valdo (we went to high school together!) for a retro series he's been working on lately. I used a dress and heels I used to wear a lot in high school, so basically it was a flashback shoot for multiple reasons. 
P.s. I'm now selling the dress and heels on Depop  (@thestylishwanderer) because I realized someone needs to love them as much as I did in high school because they really are fantastic pieces and deserve the right home.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Relaxed Summer Vibes

Ribbed tank tops, short denim button skirts, green cargo jackets and white sneakers. That's kind of all I need this summer. Easy to throw on and go. Plus the weather in Los Angeles has been so odd-- hot one day, cold the next-- that this is the perfect outfit for a midday transformation in either direction, if the weather requires it.
Boohoo jacket, tank and skirt, Adidas superstars white sneakers, Bulgari thick gold band, Madewell etched band. 


Friday, June 19, 2015

Palm Trees and a Leather Jacket

Finally feeling like summer: endless days laying around the house listening to new music and old favorites (L$D by A$AP Rocky and Abstrakto, respectively), spending time with your best friends under the neon soaked sky, selling clothes that don't get enough love on Depop (@thestylishwanderer), driving down La Brea at 10 pm with no rhyme or reason, going to Target four times in two weeks for nail polish and gold hoop earrings, reading plays in the early morning, watching your favorite action movies on repeat cause you can, in-n-out twice in one week (duh), storyboarding friend's music videos, looping together beaded necklaces as gifts-for-no-reason, and of course: writing, writing, writing.

Also leather jackets and palm trees and little shoulder bags forever. palmtrees-4palmtrees-14palmtrees-10palmtrees-9palmtrees-7palmtrees-6palmtrees-16palmtrees-17palmtrees
Zara leather jacket, American Apparel crop top, vintage Levi's jeans, Silence + Noise Lucia strap sandals, and Topshop mini sporty barrel hold-all.