Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Fest Dressed

 photo fff_zpsc1661eba.jpg
Even though I'm not going back to Coachella this year, I can pretend like I am, right? This dress would be the perfect garment to endure that  mix of Coachella Valley winds and blazing California sun. I love ethnic embroidered dresses and the trapeze nature of this one basically takes the cake. Furthermore, I don't need to wear a bra under this baby-- which is a huge plus in my book.
 photo ffffff_zps10e7d504.jpg photo leaves1_zps3f585764.jpg photo leaves4_zps6daa6b03.jpg photo leaves_zps69ef01df.jpg photo fnffff_zps5f281b84.jpg

Free People New Romantics Rio dress, vintage beads, Dolce Vita Jerica sandals

Friday, April 04, 2014

Windy City

I wore this to go see a musical at The Pantages theater in Hollywood this past week. It was crazy windy so I thought I'd film a little bit of my jacket/clothes while they were flying in the wind. This coat was an amazing find at a thrift store recently-- it's basically the perfect camel coat. I bought this daisy shirt from a girl in high school last year for $3 and it remains one of my favorite shirts today.
 photo IMG_7520_zps0188cd5d.jpg photo IMG_7642_zps51e98921.jpg photo IMG_7752_zpsb3c67a36.jpg photo IMG_7823_zpsd25c8033.jpg photo IMG_7686_zps0e2909ac.jpg photo IMG_7799_zps38ff578f.jpg photo IMG_7874_zps26ae6500.jpg

coat: Vintage (similar here). shirt: Vintage. jeans: Madewell. bag: Coach  (now 20% off!). sandals: Joe's Jeans. nail polish: OPI.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Roman Sandals

 photo godsssdddd_zpsc8f08f2c.jpg photo godssd_zps44ed0ee1.jpg
I've become infatuated with these Joe's Jeans canvas and leather sandals lately. They're not too high and extremely comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. I placed them atop Goddess: The Classical Mode by Harold Koda, published in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I've had this coffee table book for several years and always loved turning to it for any sort of inspiration. Honestly, if I had a choice I would dress exclusively in goddess gowns and draped togas and I think these heels would be the perfect sleek, modern day Roman sandal to accompany them with. Below are some of my favorite photos from the book.
 photo front_zps7e8fa858.jpg photo godsandalsee_zps9272d72a.jpg
 photo godsna_zpsfc6c1f64.jpg
 photo goddesssdd_zpsf55d2aa9.jpg photo goddessdd_zps73ca9c84.jpg

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pink Bogenvelias

When I saw this "sweater" in person I knew immediately that it was the answer to my crop top prayers. Perfect knit. Perfect thickness. Perfect perfect perfect. Furthermore, the shape of the crop is boxy (rather than body-con), which makes it instantly slimming to whoever is wearing it. I bought two colors (grey and blue) and instagrammed them immediately. I imagine pairing the grey crop with more oversized blue denim and the blue one with a vintage patterned skirt or maybe even just a basic pair of black jeans. The opportunities are endless when you have such a versatile piece on your hands.
 photo IMG_7299_zps02af4805.jpg photo IMG_7343_zpsfcb7d45f.jpg photo IMG_7459_zps2d8d54ca.jpg photo IMG_7357_zpsb65f6d24.jpg photo IMG_7464_zpsc9311b65.jpg photo IMG_7365_zpsff289b10.jpg photo IMG_7487_zps76c9ea95.jpg
crop top: Saturday Kate Spade. pants: Topshop Boutique. rings: Vintage sterling. necklace: Antique whistle. heels: Zara (similar here). bag: American Apparel. nail polish: Maybelline in Porcelain Party

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Jonah took some photos of me outside LACMA on Tuesday in front of his car and we had a lot of fun while doing it. By the way, am I the only one who's sick of basic chambray? This cropped denim pocket shirt is the perfect addition to any denim lovers wardrobe. I know I've done denim on denim before but for some reason this version feels more fresh. I think it's the addition of the frayed edges on the jeans. I'm all for ripping and tearing.
 photo IMG_6866_zps82e0ed3a.jpg photo IMG_6749_zps7102bb2a.jpg photo IMG_7080_zps2a65416a.jpg
 photo IMG_6899_zpsdb6aa8fd.jpg
 photo IMG_6773_zps6e51519c.jpg photo IMG_6907_zps1776cbe7.jpg photo IMG_7130_zpsbb77c8ad.jpg
 photo IMG_7162_zps9122ea16.jpg
shirt: Topshop Boutique. jeans: Current/Elliot. sandals: Joe's Jeans. watch: Michael Kors. bag: Coach. jewelry: Vintage.