Monday, February 20, 2017

film and the future

When I took my break from blogging in early 2016, I always thought there was a possibility I might return to it. After all, it was the primary form of expression in my life for 8+ years. But of course, as time would have it, a break of weeks turned into months, and now, a full year since my last entry, I have to acknowledge that The Stylish Wanderer doesn't seem to have the place it once did in my life anymore. But as I'm writing this I realize that it's okay.
On the set of my newest sci-fi short-film Farmhouse
Instead of photography, I've turned my gaze towards film, realizing my love for science-fiction has been an undercurrent in the stories I've consumed my entire life-- and something I want to spend the rest of my life dedicated to. In September, I wrote and directed my second sci-fi short, Farmhouse, which I'm currently editing and hoping for a late 2017 release date. My first sci-fi film got me into the Sundance Ignite Fellowship for 2017 and last month I headed to the festival for five incredible, life changing days.

This blog, of course, has given me years of creative expression and an outlet to connect with so many wonderful readers. I wouldn't trade that time or those memories for anything. A lot of my love for visuals and story-telling can be seen early on in this very blog. I am so lucky to have experienced the rise of an art form that now has taken on a completely crazy life of its own in pop culture-- when in the beginning it was just a handful of girls on the Teen Vogue forums learning about personal style and identity. Now, I've had the chance to interview with Teen Vogue, and work with brands like American Apparel and Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, film an episode of The Comeback and shoot a Verizon Wireless commercial. And I am so grateful for each of those experiences. But now, as I graduate from USC, finish four years of learning and interning and writing and thinking, I'm ready to tackle a new world.
Braving the cold @ Sundance, January 2017
There’s a line in a sci-fi movie that goes: “el Movimiento es vida.” Movement is life. Brad Pitt says it to a family during the zombie apocalypse in order to convince them to leave the city. It’s a line I’ve returned to again and again in the time since I first heard it, several steps up from the age old adage my mother drilled into me growing up: “Change is a good thing.” I’ve always hated change, but somehow this version of the same idea tricks my brain into thinking, yeah, maybe change is good. Movement is life.

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Hope to see you around and thank you for reading.